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Generator sitemap.xml

— is a file, which is located on the website in the root folder, or its location may be specified in the file robots.txt. In a sitemap.xml lists all the links that You want to convey to search engines (google, ...) for indexing.

If Your project uses one of the popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla!, MODX, WordPress, Opencart), it is likely that You have built-in tools to create sitemap.xml. But often due to different factors (self-made CMS, in CMS version has no built-in solutions or built-in tool paid or incorrectly) this can't be done. In this case, You access the services, automatically generating a sitemap.xml.

How does sitemap.xml generator

  • You specify the url of your website
  • Service runs throughout Your website, starting from the home page, and finds the pages for sitemap.xml. Service ignore pages which have errors, pages not containing text or page banned in robots.txt.
  • If number of pages not more than 1000, You will immediately receive a link to the file.
  • If the number exceeds 1000, every 1000 pages will cost 0.5 USD.

Generation(search) pages on Your site can take a long time. It depends not only on the number of pages, but, for example, from the time of page generation on the server. In this case, you can use a function that informs about the readiness sitemap.xml by e-mail.

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With create a site map quickly and easily.